Fiery Throated Hummingbird (photos by Sam Bobbing)

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Double Exposure Paintings by Pakayla Biehn

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Beautiful illustrations by Isabella Morawetz



#that’s not a cat that’s a fucking nature spirit using a cat as a vessel

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A night out. Bamberg, Germany


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photos by alberto ghizzi panizza of two snails on italy’s po river mesmerized by a raindrop, the seeming vortex it created, and its almost instant disappearance.
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3D paperworks by Maud Vantours


Nychos: “Street Anatomy.”

Currently at Fifty24SF in San Francisco, California is street artist Nychos’s solo show, “Street Anatomy.”  The show features a series of the Austria based artist’s world renown, split open subjects where their insides are displayed in full anatomical glory.  Along with the show Nychos put up several murals around the Bay Area.  You can see more images of Nychos at work as well as work from the show below:

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